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Doc-Pdf converter is a tool which lets you convert Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents without any software or plugin installing.
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Convert doc and other files to pdf with a single click
Supported file formats: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .rtf, .odt, .ods

What is doc-pdf converter

You don’t know how to convert documents to PDF file? Use our converter to convert Microsoft Office and OpenOffice files to Adobe Acrobate (PDF) files. This service is understandable to almost all computers, smartphones and mobile phones.

Convert any document to PDF file and you primarily save your money, since Doc-pdf converter is a free instrument. Secondly this PDF converter could be used not only for Word documents, but also for Excel, PowerPoint and OpenOffice documents. And thirdly you will save your time, since it take only one mouse click.

Why doc - pdf?

In order to easy convert your document, use Doc-pdf converter because of following.

  • Convert doc/docx to pdf file and save any size word document in unchanged quality. You will get the document which could be easy saved on your computer, send by e-mail and without any problems copied to flash memory card, since document’s size will not induce any problems.
  • Convert xls/xlsx to pdf file and get almost infinite possibilities of saving different big and difficult tables. Usage of PDF files is also easy for users which work with these tables – review and adding information.
  • Convert odt/ods to pdf file and find your text documents, presentations, lecture information, diagrams, tables, draws, photos and other information in new quality. It means that your “old” document will not lose neither information nor quality, since your “new” file saved absolutely all information in such format which allows successfully send this file by e-mail, print, copy, review and save in computer’s memory.


Use this free on-line program pdf converter and get many pluses in you work, using computer.

  • Optimize document’s size. Converting any document to pdf format, it will take fewer places on your computer, smartphone, telephone or on other device, provided that it saves its quality. Therefore this is ideal way to save big documents.
  • Hold your document in safe environment. This means that every document converted to pdf format practically couldn’t be infected by any computer virus.
  • Convert any document. It allows this unique program pdf converter.
  • Care about data security. Any pdf document could be saved encoded, therefore you shouldn’t worry about document’s data safety – other people can’t modify its, and in case of need even open it.
  • Use one file for several programs. In one pdf document could be saved texts, tables, diagrams and photos.
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Easy to use and fast for convertering my docx files into a nearly universal format.