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Doc-Pdf converter is a tool which lets you convert Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents without any software or plugin installing.
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Supported file formats: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .rtf, .odt, .ods


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Thank you for the convertion.
It is just what i want
This PDF Conversion service is INSANELY BETTER than ALL of the "Free" PDF conversion services floating around the internet, want PROOF? in JUST 30 seconds I was able to convert a grand total of 10 PDF files thats right, average of 3 SECONDS!!! thank you very much for this because you would not believe how much invaluable this pdf converter site truly is!!!
There are many other FREE ones out there. This one is the best. It produces a much smaller file size while preserving the original document quality. Some other ones provide a distorted document with a large file size, do not work or want an e-mail. N.B. Nice Job!
thanks thanks thanks for this web are truly it!!!!!
I will donate a good portion for this good work that you do. Am truly impressed. Thank u so very much. Its a great idea and solution.
Thank you for providing this service! I was easily, quickly and thoroughly able to convert a .doc file to a .pdf. I am saving it to my Favorites and will tell others about it. And, though I'm not in a position to donate much, I will donate something. Again, thanks.
Pam Gilmore
Thank you so much. You made my work so easy. God bless you a THOUSAND TIMES!!!!!!!!!!
Guys, thanks for the converter - you have the simpliest (ive tried over 12 online)!

Best site for converting doc to pdf.You don`t need any software or email adress.Simply the best,THANK YOU !!!
Vlad Daniel
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