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Doc-Pdf converter is a tool which lets you convert Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents without any software or plugin installing.
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Convert doc and other files to pdf with a single click
Supported file formats: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .rtf, .odt, .ods


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Its an excellent place for converting throgh online...
Thanks a lot buddy...
Thanks a lot for this amazing fast and efficient service.

really grateful!

God bless you!!!
I almost use it daily for one or the other thing. Its really fast.
anil kwatra
Just want to say thanks for the truely FREE service.

I use a Mac without MS Word.
Your service saved my day.

Wow! I spend a lot of time downloading the program online. Then you will install... Luckily I found this site. GREAT! and USEFUL!!
arman par
I want to tanks for this amazing, fast and easy free converter. Congratulations.
Jose Luiz
I am really grateful that you people are providing such a nice doc to pdf converter. It is fast and easy to use. I was looking for saying thanks, then I saw testimonials. You dont ask even for email. Its very good. Please dont stop this service.
Thanks and Regards,
varun chauhan
I’m daily working on Mac, but sometimes receive texts in Microsoft Office format. Notwithstanding its are saved as rtf, often something goes wrong... Therefore now I’m using your proposed possibility converting rtf to pdf, which makes work easier, saves the time and computer memory. Also my colleagues, who works with Windows, use converting also docx, xlsx or other document’s formats.
Want to tell about how pdf program saved my presentation. For the seminar I developed small lecture, but when I went till specific place, my computer conflicted with respective system. Remembered about possibility of converting documents in the Internet. And it worked, and lecture went forward. Therefore now till respective events I convert my doc files to pdf. It saves quality, draws, photos and tables. By the way I have checked how wonderful could be converted xls to pdf.
I’m working on development of different designs, therefore I’m often contacting with my clients. To send by e-mail to my clients made work in appropriate quality, I’m always using In such manner in pdf pages could be saved difficult documents with different fonts, colors, photos and ect. If photos and other graphic representation would be sent separate, it would fulfill my and recipient’s e-mail box. All what are converted to pdf, allows save information in “lighter” file.
Also to my friends and colleagues I’m recommending use pdf converter. They could use it as on-line free pdf converting program, which is accessible from any place in the world.
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